our aims

Historically the Mill at Mickle Trafford was a community hub, where people would meet, community activities were held and members of the local community found employment.  The trust aims to halt the dereliction of the structure and undertake a comprehensive programme of repair works that will enable the structure to be re-used for community purposes.  The Trust aims to;

  • Put our volunteers first and the local community at the centre of everything we do
  • Be transparent with everything we do- have a clear management structure and be accountable to our membership for our actions 
  • Adhere to best practice in heritage conservation
  • Continue community involvement on the site
  • Continue to provide a variety of education and training experiences in environmental conservation that are accessible to all
  • Provide archaeology and historic building conservation volunteering opportunities on the site that are accessible to all
  • Provide traditional crafts training for all who want to volunteer
  • Undertake repair works to the structure to halt decay
  • Undertake a process of community consultation, options appraisal and feasibility study to ascertain a viable new use for the structure that is community focussed and will enable us to continue to provide volunteer opportunities
  • Undertake the process of fund raising to enable the renovation and repair of the structure